NAAC Accreditation with grade A+ (CGPA 3.31)

Dr. Baban B. Taywade


From Chairman's Desk

Education is the key to creating, adapting and spreading knowledge in all the disciplines and subjects. Keeping this objectives in mind. Taywade College Mahadula koradi Nagpur was started 1993.

From Principal's Desk

Education is not creation and dissemination of knowledge but also to develop global competencies and to build the overall moral character of the learners. The College has sufficient infrastructural facilities such as specious building with well-equipped laboratories and library, qualified staff and extensive play ground with proper facilities for all the games and sports.

Dr. Sharyou B. Taywade


Commitment to quality education for upliftment of students from backward class in rural area and to inculcate amongst them, a sense of self discipline, moral values and social responsibility with national integrity so as to make them responsible citizen

To provide excellent teaching and learning environment with good infrastructure and to promote extracurricular and sports talent amongst students for their overall development

About College

Taywade College, Mahadula, Koradi,to provide quality education to rural segment of India and produce capable work force who will contribute in Nation development.

About College



Arts The Bachelor of Arts (BA) includes the study of humanities, social and cultural studies, languages and music.


Studying Commerce will develop your analytical, communication and problem-solving skills – providing you with a foundation for career paths available to you after graduating.


Reason, logic, observation, analysis, resourcefulness, creativity, imagination, experimentation and synthesis – these are the essence of science. Read More


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