NAAC Accreditation with grade A+ (CGPA 3.31)

About The Department

English language has been an Indispensible adjunct of the discipline of humanities. It helps us fulfil the role of equipping learners with effective communication skill and imparting the deeper socio-ethical values that has encompassed our through life.

The Department of English came into existence with the introduction of English as the compulsory subjects at B.A., B.Com. B.Sc..level in 1993-94.

English Department is the most happening Department of the college. It caters to all three streams of Arts, Commerce and Science

Post Graduate department was established in 2009 with foresight of providing higher education to students of rural part of Nagpur. The department is also recognised as place of higher learning leading to Ph.D degree.

Objectives –

  • To prepare the students for success and lifelong learning.
  • To provide opportunities to enhance over all development of students.
  • To make students proficient in communication skills.
  • We inspire the student towards :
  • Innovation
  • Nativity
  • Sustenance
  • Perfection
  • Integrity
  • Relevance
  • Excellence


The following courses are run by the dept. of English at UG and PG .

  • Compulsory English   – B.A. I,II,III, I,II ,B.Sc. I
  • English Literature  B.A.I,II,III
  • M.A. English I and II
Program Outcomes
  • Use English as literary language to gain advanced knowledge of various subjects through English
  • Express themselves well in grammatically correct English.
  • Speak fluently as per the demand of situation.
  • Make use of expanded vocabulary precisely wherever needed.
  • Use applied knowledge skills in day-to-day working-writing letters, job applications, advertisements, email message.
  • Appreciate literature through language.
  • Uphold human values and ethics.
  • Sensitize the mind through literature.
  • Express creatively through different forms of literature like poetry, essay, stories etc
Some Salient Features –
  • Highly qualified faculty.
  • A well-equipped language lab.
  • Comfortable spacious classrooms.
  • Department use ICT tools in teaching learning.
  • A wide range of subjects, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary courses.
  • Visits to literary/historical events/functions/place.
  • Regular recreational activities.
Teaching Learning And Evaluation
  • Aptitude test, Open Book Tests, group discussion and seminars are conducted by the department to assess knowledge / skill of the students.
  • Terminal and test examination, surprise tests and unit tests are introduced for continuous evaluation.
  • Facility for effective conduct of Teaching learning

Faculty Details

Dr.Varsha Vivek Vaidya

Dr. Maroti Wagh

Dr. Anand Bhaik

Dr. Vishnu Chavan

Activity & Events

One Day National Conference

One Day National Conference

Guest Lectures :

Guest Lectures :

Event “Environment and Social Development”

Event  “Environment and Social Development”

Student Activity:

Student Activity:

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Cultural  Events :

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Study Tour :