NAAC Accreditation with grade A+ (CGPA 3.31)

About The Department

The Department was established in 1993. At present there are one faculty member: . The Department focuses on modern Indian history with emphasis on village, agrarian, grassroots history, courses on ancient Indian social and economic history, archaeology are also offered. The Department has successfully sustained the practice of scholarly research publications.

UG Program


B.A.I (Optional Subject History)

B.A.II(Optional Subject History)

B.A.III(Optional Subject History)


Dr. Sharad R. Daware

Course Outcomes

  1. This history capstone course will provide students with an opportunity to experience historical research at an advanced level.
  2. The course will have two main components: an in-depth analysis of different types of historical sources commonly used by historians.
  3. Additional components of the course will include a discussion of ethics in working with historical sources and producing historical writing.
  4. The course is intended to build upon individual student research interests (gained through their previous study),

Some Silent Feature

  • Highly qualified faculty.
  • Comfortable spacious classrooms.
  • A wide range of subjects, with special emphasis on interdisciplinary courses.
  • Visits to historical events/functions/place

Teaching Learning And Evaluation

  • Aptitude test, Open Book Tests, group discussion and seminars are conducted by the department to assess knowledge / skill of the students.
  • Terminal and test examination, surprise tests and unit tests are introduced for continuous evaluation.
  • Facility for effective conduct of Teaching learning

Departmental Work in Brief


  1. organized Conferences on various topics
  2. organized Study Tour to aware students about Indian Historical Sculpture.
  3. organized students Seminars/ workshops/ Conferences on various topics.
  4. organized various guest lectures on various topics.

Activity & Events

History Conference

History Conference

Ancient Coin Exhibition

Ancient Coin Exhibition

Photos Exhibition

 Photos Exhibition